Plant responses

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  • Plant Hormones
    • Auxin
      • What does it do?
        • stimulates cell elongation
        • prevent absicission
        • promotes root growth
        • grows seedless fruit
      • where is it found?
        • seeds
        • meristems of the apical buds
      • example of?
        • Phototropism
        • geotropism
        • negative and positive tropisms
    • Gibberellins
      • Where is it found
        • meristems of apical budsand roots
        • young leaves
        • embryo
      • Examples of?
        • the breaking down of starch to maltose -used in brewing
      • what does it do?
        • cell elongation(shoot elonagtion)
        • stimulates bolting and flowering in biennials.
        • regulates production of hydrolytic enzymes in grains
        • stimulates germination
          • the breaking down of starch to maltose -used in brewing
        • speeds up
    • Ethene
      • Where is it found?
        • Tisues of ripeing fruits
        • nodes of stems
        • senescent leaves and flowers
      • Example of?
        • transporting bananas and then ripening before going into shops
      • what does it do?
        • speeds up the ripening of fruit.
        • leaf and flower senescence, and abscission
        • promoting lateral growth in some plants
    • Cytokinins
      • what does it do?
        • stops aging of leaves (yellowing)
        • tissue culture to help with the mas prodcution of plants
        • stimulates cell division, reverse apical dominance
      • where is it found?
        • synthesised in roots and transported to toher organs


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