Plant Hormones

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  • Plant control of Hormones
    • Plants sensitive to light, water, gravity
    • When a seed is dispersed, the roots grow DOWN in the soil they anchor seed and keep it stable. They take up water and minerals to keep healthy.
    • At the same time, Shoots need to grow upwards towards light so they can photosynthesise.
    • Roots are sensitive to water and gravity. They grow in direction of force of gravity and towards moisture
    • The stem of a houseplant left on a window sill will soon bend in the direction of light, this reaction is called PHOTOTROPISM
      • Phototropism can be easily seen when a young shoot responds to light on one side only. Auxin moves from the side where light is falling to the shoot so it bends towards the light. Until light falls evenly again, the plant cannot grow straight.
    • Response of plant to gravity is gravitropism.
      • Gravitropism can be seen in roots and shoots as Auxin has different effects. High levels of auxin make shoot cells grown quicker but inhibit root growth. which is why roots and shoots respond differently to gravity.
    • Responses of roots and shoots to light, gravity and moisture are caused by a hormone called Auxin. This response happens by an uneven distrubushion of it through the plant.


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