Plant Cell

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  • Plant cell
    • Vacuole
      • Storage for water and ions.
    • Chloroplast
      • site of photos - chlorophyll molecules attached to lamellae
    • Plasmodesmata
      • Allow transport of material between adjacent plant cells.
    • Middle Lamella
    • Cell wall
    • Nucleus
      • Houses all of the cells genetic information in the form of DNA
        • Largest Organelle - double membrane
    • Nuclear envelope
      • Allows molecules to pass in/out of the nucleus.
    • Nucleolus
      • Makes RNA and ribosomes, pass into th cytoplasm where proteins are assembled.
    • Mitochondrion
      • ATP Production via aerobic respiration
    • Golgi
      • Modifies and packages proteins into vesicles
    • R.E.R
      • Transports proteins which were made on the attached ribosomes.


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