plant oils

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    • unsaturated oils contain a C=C double bond
      • oils and fats contain long chain molecules with lots of carbon atoms
      • an unsaturated oil will de-colourise bromine water
      • mono saturated fats contain 1 c=c double bond somewhere in their carbon chains. Poly unsaturated fats contain more than 1 cc double bond
    • unsaturated oils can be hydrogenated
      • they can be hardened by reacting them with hydrogen in the prescence of a nickel catalyst at about 60 degrees c
    • vegetable oils in foods can affect health. veg oils tend to be unsaturated while animal fats tend to be saturated.
      • natural unsaturated fats like olive oil and sunflower oil reduce the amount of blood cholesterol. but because of transfats partially hydrogenated vegetable oil increases cholesterol in the blood
      • cooking food in oil - saturated unsaturated or hydrogenated makes it more fattening
  • hydrogenated oils have higher melting points than unsaturated oils so they are more solid at room temp.


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