9.3: Plant growth

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  • Plant Growth
    • Meristems
      • Apical Meristems
        • Shoot apical meristem
          • Grow up (against gravity)
          • auxin stimulates growth on shady side
        • root apical meristem
          • grows down (against gravity)
          • Auxin inhibits growth on shady side
    • Hormones
      • auxin
        • stimulates: h+ into wall, less elastic, h20 comes in and it grows
        • pumps into the shady side
        • stimulate shoot growth
        • inhibit root growth
      • cytokines
        • stimulate root growth
      • gibberellin
        • germinates
        • growth stimulant
    • Tropisms
      • gravitropism
        • auxin accumulate on lower side to grow against gracity
      • phototropism
        • auxin accumulate to dark side
          • Roots: inhibit so it grows away form light
          • shoot: stimulate so grows to light
    • Micro-propagation
      • tissue from shoot apex grown
      • grown in growth medium
        • too much auxin, shoot grows
        • much cytokines, root grows
        • once roots grow it goes into soil
      • used for bulking, virus prevention, and rare species


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