Diseases in plants

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  • Plant disease caused by pathogens
    • Nematodes
      • Tiny round worms
        • Small lumps ,extensive damage to roots
          • Affects potatoes and garlic
    • Fungal
      • Fungal diseases are the most common cause of plant disease
        • Black spot
          • Fungal disease of roses
            • Black spots on the leaves
    • Bacteria
      • Characterised by galls and soft rots
        • Bacterial Blight in pea plants
          • Water soaked lesions that become dark brown
    • Viruses
      • Rose mosaic virus
        • Tomato leaf virus
          • Tomato plants are stunted and Leaves are rolled in
    • Terms used to describe diseases in plants
      • Mosaic
        • Variations in leaf colour
      • Blight
        • A disease that causes death of plant tissue


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