Plant cell structures and functions

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  • Structure of plant cells
    • Cell wall
      • Provides strength and structure to the cell and plant(made of cellulose).
    • Cell membrane
    • Vacuole
      • Used for storage
      • Plays a role in plant shape and stability.
      • Gives plant turgor pressure
      • Tonoplast is its specialised membrane
    • Golgi apparatus
      • Modifies molecules and proteins and then ships them out of the cell
    • Ribosomes
      • Responsible for translating RNA into proteins
    • RER
      • Aids in production and storage of proteins. Proteins made here are sent to the Golgi.
    • Nucleus
      • Where DNA is stored.
    • Mitochondria
      • -Main producer of ATP, -"powerhouse of cell".
    • Chloroplast
      • Organelles carrying out photosynthesis , containing chlorophyll.
    • Amyloplasts
      • Organelles that store starch
  • Separates cell from outside environment


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