Planning A Menu

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  • Planning a Menu
    • Colour, Flavour and Texture
      • Should look appetising
      • Should include a range of contrasting flavours... but no to many to hide the flavour of the main product.
      • Should have a range of flavours e.g. smooth and crunchy
    • Skills, Temperature and Time
      • Choose recipes that can be made successfully.
      • Think about equipment avaliable
      • Oven may be used for more than one thing so check time and oven temperature.
    • Foods in Season
      • Consider the food available and their cost.
      • Most foods available all year but are more expensive out of their season.
      • Cost the meal according to the cost of ingredients
    • Customer Needs, Occasion and Type of Menu
      • Dietary requirements
      • The type of occasion will affect the type of menu


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