plan for the short film sequence

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  • plan a piece of writing inspired by a shot sequence in a film
    • use a rang of techniques
      • onomatopoeia
      • alliteration
      • vary sentence lengths
      • simile
      • metaphors
      • active verbs
      • interesting adjectives
      • sentances (adverbs ' ly ')
      • vary punctuation forest
    • meeting the characters
      • they are from an armytraining  camp in america
      • stranded on an island in the pacific
      • there are 5 of them
      • there boat had sank just off the coast of the island
      • Untitled
      • Untitled
    • building the tention
      • one of the ids get set on fire fire by a small fire that they had lit
      • what can you smell and hear toch and taste and see
    • the surroundings
      • linked with building of tension
  • they are from an armytraining  camp in america


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