plains indians

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  • plains indians
    • beliefs
      • believd in the great spirit waken tanka
      • all natural things had spirits of there own
      • cirlces was important believed earth moved in cirlces and life
      • believed could contact sprites through visions
        • these visions could be interpreted by medivine men
    • dances
      • medicine men could contact spirit on own
      • tribes could contact spirites by danceing
    • family
      • -kids taught to respect all living thingsboys learnt skills of warrior girls how to put up teepe and prepare bufflao meat
    • migrated from sibera
    • lived in east america at first
    • sioux indians moved to plains as : faced attack from other indian nations - new european settlers brought diease to the plains e.g measles.
    • lived in teepees as they had to move alot to follow the buffalo and they was easy to put down
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    • normadic


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