Plains Indians

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  • Plains Indians
    • Nomadic lifestyle
      • Plains could not support them.
      • They believed their God wanted them to live a life of continuos movement.
      • Had to follow the buffalo.
    • Tipis
      • Easily moved; nomadic lifestyle.
        • Could be done quickly by women.
      • Warm in winter, could be dug into the ground. Cool in summer, could be rolled up.
      • the shape protected against the wind, circles were also considered sacred.
      • Hole at the top to allow smoke to escape.
      • Made use of their main resources.
    • The plains
      • Very large.
      • Lack of trees, little resources.
      • Inhabited by wolves and lotus.
      • Unpredictable dangerous weather and ferocious winds.
    • Roles
      • Men were hunters, chiefs and leaders.
      • Women would look after the children, tipi, belongings and cook.
      • Split into tribes, in which polygamy was practised.


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