Plains Indians

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  • Plains Indians
    • Went to war for horses & hunting grounds.
    • Counting coup- honour
    • Land was sacred & no-one owned it.
    • Depended on the buffalo & migrated with it- nomads. Americans caused the buffalos extinction to starve the Indians.
    • Lived in tipi's made from buffalo's skin. Easy to travel turned into travois.
    • Tribe divided into bands with a chief.
    • Dance important as it could contact the spirit world.
    • Saw many things as cyclical in nature.
    • Polygamy & exposure.
    • Cycle of violence- peace treaty,  settlers break treaty, Indians go on warpath & army sent in- all out conflict.
    • 26th June 1876- battle of little big horn
      • General Custer deviated from plan & did a 3 pronged attack- outnumbered & outgunned.
      • All of Custer's men & himself were killed as he wanted all the glory.
      • WHY-Indians were not on the reservation/Sitting bull defeated General Crook t rosebud river.
    • Homesteaders disrupted buffalos migrating pattern & ploughed land which Indians believed was disrespectful.
    • The reservations helped end the way of life, so did the US army and Gov. Due to manifest destiny.


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