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  • Piliavin
    • to investigate under real life conditions the effect on the speed and frequency of helping, and the race of the helper of; the type (drunk or ill), race (black or white), presence of model and the size of the witness group
    • 103 trials - 38 drunk (81% help), 65 ill (100% help)
    • participants - whoever on train at time, victims- 3 white 1 black all dressed identical and acted the same
      • victim had to collapse after 70secs then remain on the floor until helped
    • new York subway - field experiment
      • 11am-3pm
      • non stop train for 7.5min journey
    • ill received more help, men more likely to help, same race more likely to help
    • no diffusion of responsibility found with group size
    • model had to help after 70 seconds of the victim being on the floor
    • high eco valid - subway natural setting
    • highly standardised procedure
    • detailed data
    • gave a theoretical explanation to account for levels of helping in all conditions of experiment
    • method - less controls. some conditions gave unreliable data (e.g fewer drunk victims, only 8 black cane carriers)
    • ethics - deception, no consent, no debrief, production of anxiety and/or inconvenience for bystanders


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