Piliavin Evaluation

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  • Piliavin Evaluation
    • Reliabilty
      • Replicable?
        • Standard instructions and procedures
      • Data Interpretation
        • Objective data
        • No inter-rater reliability as the observers were measuring different things.
      • Controls
        • Same train - allows time for the experiment to be carried out (7.5 minutes)
        • Same time of day - avoids regular commuters who may see the experiment more than once.
        • Victims all male, age, dressed same and stood in the same place doing the same thing.
    • Validity
      • Population
        • Ethnocentric - only Americans
      • Ecological
        • Natural setting and they didn't know it was n experiment
      • Internal
        • Everything was controlled (IV affected the DV)
      • Construct
        • Measuring people helping in a public place
    • Sample
      • Easy to obtain (Opportunity)
      • Both male + female sample
      • Participants may have similar characteristics (same area, getting a train - not car, same time of day)
    • Data
      • Quantiative
        • Objective
        • Can show trends and test for significance
        • Lacks detail of why something happened
      • Qualitative
        • Gives us a reason for why things happen
        • Harder to interpret as its subjective
    • Ethics
      • Informed consent
        • No consent was taken
      • Deception
        • They weren't told it was a study
      • Confdentiality
        • Their names were not taken or released
      • Debreif
        • They weren't debreif
      • Protection
        • They may have been mentally harmed
      • Observation
        • It was a public place so they could observe
      • Withdrawal
        • They didn't know it was an experiment they could withdraw from.


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