Pilgrimage of Grace

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  • Pilgrimage of Grace
    • 1536
    • Led by Robert Aske
    • What happened?
      • 30,000 men went on a march through York. they were protesting against all of the dissolutions that had happened.
        • The rebels swore a religious oath that contradicted the Supremacy and supported the monasteries.
          • The rebels wanted the evil councillors removed, the restoration of the Old Faith and the protection of the monasteries.
    • Why did it fail?
      • It failed because the leaders wanted to negotiate and put their faith in Henry's word.
      • The way in which Aske got a hearing with Henry was successful.
    • Why was it a serious threat?
      • The largest uprising in Tudor history.
      • Efficiently organised, not just a mess. If they had struck up a fight, then they would have beaten Henry.


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