Pilgrimage of Grace

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  • Pilgrimage of Grace
    • economic causes
      • North South divide
      • agricultural pressure --> pressure on food supplies
      • inflation
      • increased taxation
    • religious causes
      • wanted to restore local monasteries > Pope
        • desire to keep them as economic units in the North
      • fear of heresy
      • Act of Supremacy of 1534
    • Lincolnshire Rising (1st)
      • rumour that Commissioners were taking away church money and giving to the King
      • 1536, 3000 men forced commissioners to flee Louth after priest instigated
        • joined by gentry
      • 10,000 towards Lincoln--> collapsed when men fled
    • Yorkshire Rising (PoG, 2nd)
      • led by lawyer Aske (emphasised religion)
      • mobs besieged castles e.g. Carlisle
      • marched to York and restored religious houses
      • Earl of Derby given large control; others surrended
    • Negotiating and setting out demands
      • Earl of Norfolk convinced H8 to agree to 30,000 Pilgrims demands to trick them
        • Pilgrims found out
      • Aske and Earl of Darcy set manifesto
      • support began to wane e.g. gentlemen pledging to Norfolk
    • Bigod's Rebellion (3rd)
      • Sir Francis Bigod against H8 claims
      • planned to capture Norfolk as use as mediator
      • disaster as lacked support
    • Aftermath
      • insurgent leaders hung/executed
      • gentry and commonality had fallen out
      • Abbots and monasteries confiscated by crown
    • political causes
      • against James V of Scotland being heir
      • Cromwell seen as threat
      • Statute of Uses


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