Christian Pilgrimage

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  • Pilgrimage
    • Places of Christian pilgrimage
      • Jerusalem: Many Christians visit Jerusalem because it's where Jesus had the Last Supper, he was arrested, crucified and he was resurrected.
      • Iona:Iona is an island off the coast of Scotland, where many saints have lived. Christians visit Iona to spend time in prayer and reflection.
      • Taize: Taize is in central France and it brings together Roman Catholic and Protestant Monks. Pilgrims spend time in mediation, prayer and silence.
      • Walsingham: In 1061 a woman in Norfolk, England had a vision of the Virgin Mary who showed Jesus' home in Nazareth. A replica was built, because it was difficult for many to make the journey to Israel. Today, it's a popular place of pilgrimage, where Christians pray to Jesus.
    • History of pilgrimage
      • A pilgrimage is a journey that religious people make to go to a special or holy place.
      • Christian pilgrimage is usually to do with historical significance in Jesus' life. Like his place of birth (Bethlehem) or his place of death (Jerusalem).
      • Some Christians feel that they don't feel the need to go on pilgrimage because it's a personal thing.


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