Jewish Pilgrimage

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  • Pilgrimage
    • A journey you undertake for a religious reason
      • Taking out time for G-d- prioritise the relationship.
        • On a pilgrimage with others who have the same interests as you from all over the diaspora.
    • Do Jews have to go on pilgrimage?
      • G-d is especially at the wall
        • 200+ of mitzvot are about temple but cannot be fulfilled. Closest to fulfilment.
          • Some Jews are close to G-d anyway- Mezuzah, welcome G-d at Shabbat, in Torah.
        • Closest to Temple as possibe
    • Some Jews prioritise God by living near Western Wall
    • Prayer said at wall
    • Pieces of paper with personal prayer put cracks in wall.
  • Temple can't be rebuilt- Islamic Temple Mount
  • Closest to Temple as possibe


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