Pilgrimage Destinations

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  • Pilgrimage Destinations
    • Jerusalem
      • The major centre of Christian pilgrimage is Jerusalem in Israel as the events in the week preceding Jesus' death took place there.
        • Pilgrims mainly visit:
          • The Church of Holy Sepulchre which was where Jesus was crucified and Jesus' nearby grave; this guarenteed eternal life to Christians.
          • The Garden Tomb which Protestants believe to be the true location of Golgotha.
          • The Convent of Sisters of Zion was where Jesus was tried before Pontius Pilate and where he offered to release Jesus.
          • The Church of All Nations on the Mount of Olives was where Jesus prayed to his Father to take the cup from him and where he was arrested.
          • The Cenacle (key terms map)
          • The Via Dolorosa (key terms map)
    • Walsingham
      • Walsingham is known as 'the English Nazareth' and is located in Norfolk. The lady of the manor had a vision of the Virgin Mary and her home in Nazareth whom told her to build a copy of her (Virgin Mary's) home.
        • The house was built and became a popular pilgrimage site but was destroyed during the Reformation, but in 1921 the vicar of the parish rebuilt the shrine.
          • This is an Anglican shrine.
            • They believe it is an important place of pilgrimage because they can feel close to the Virgin Mary, have their prayers answered, healing take place and today, bringing Anglicans and Catholics closer together
      • A statue of Mary based in what the lady of the manor saw in her vision was placed in the shrine with a phial supposedly containing milk from her breats.
        • Many healings and visions are supposed to happen at the shrine.
    • Iona
      • Iona is a small island off hte west coast of Scotland. St. Columba, and irish abbot, arrived there in 563 C.E and established a monastery to train missionaries to convert Scotland to Christianity.
        • The monastery was destroyed by Henry VIII during the Reformation.
          • The abbey was restored over time by many pilgrims and restored as a centre for all Christians.
        • Iona is important because it encourages clergy and ordinary Christians to spend time together, gives pilgrims a chance to have discussions, helps different denominations come together and gives them time to think about God.
    • Taizé
      • The Taizé community is an ecumenical monastic order in the south of France. It was founded by a Protestant who had helped shelter Jews from the Nazis during WWII.
        • The order was founded to help get together different Christians, different races and bring lasting peace to Europe.
      • The community is aimed at young people in particular and gives them opportunities to meet other young people from both different race and religion, encourages them to develop good qualities and learn from brothers of the community.
    • Lourdes
      • People go to Lourdes in the hope of being cured from illnesses but only a few actually do. Many claim that the pilgrimage gave them greater inner strength to overcome their illnesses and problems in life.


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