Pictor Ignotus

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  • Pictor Ignotus
    • Rythm
      • Alternating rhyme, 'die/worth/cry/earth', conforming, links to WLWs, fitting into a conventional system
    • Layout
      • Dramatic monologu- never know the name of the speaker, distance, this is a reoccuring theme? How it is very difficult to understand someone even though you are presented with just them speaking
        • complexity of human nature and pschye
      • 'my soul springs up!' sibalance, exclamation mark emphasising  hs strong emotion, 'saddens whie it soothes' sibalance again, also oxymoronic, he is defeated, not making sense
      • hugely long sentence, lots of enjambent, 'To the centre, of an instant; or around', makes it feel slightly ranty.
      • Listing used for emphasis, 'Or Rapture/ Or Confidence/'
      • Use of similie, 'and locked the mouth fast, like a castle braved' sense of delusion? Arrogant?
      • 3 negative words in one sentence, 'monotonous/endless/eterenal' all mean the same, polosyllabic
      • 'Vain tongues from where my pictures stand apart' synecdoche,take a part of something, something small, that represents something bigger
      • 'So, die my pictures!' imperative- surprising
      • ends with 3 questions, sad acknowledgement his life's work will not last, are being destroyed now, 'gently die!'
    • Context
      • Church used to be what painters worked for, became Monks and painted. e.g Fra Bartolommeo, Fra Angelico. Raphael revolutionised art who lived from 1483 to 1520
      • Directly translated as 'Painter Unknown'
    • Imagery
      • Religious imagery, this links to Span.Clois. and Lost.L, 'Of fires from God', a moral judgement. He thinks he has Divine skill, grandious
      • Church environment is very isolated, like in Spanish.Cloi. 'Each face obedient to its passion's law'. Conformities
        • 'Thesanctuary's gloom at least shall ward', it is dull, gloomy but it has kept him safe
          • 'At least no merchant traffics in my heart', he is a proper artist, not a sell out, importance of this links to ost , at least his art is pure, Church is a sancturt for his art, not bought or sold or critisized
            • theme of materialistic items, he values the item not its worth
      • He imagines hmself as a woman, 'Shrinking, as from the soldiery a nun', coward, needs protecting from other people, weak
    • Characater
      • This poem is about whether to go with the crowd or do something new- this could have connections to Browning himself, should he write out of the box and risk failing.
      • 'I could have painted pictures like that youth's' Pronoun, hyperthetical, believes he would've been better. Word youth is patronising, is he loosing his power as the Bishop seems to loose his power? 'I could', conditional tense, he cant prove it for definate
        • he is bored, yearns for individuality, fame, success
      • 'To outburst on your might with all my gift', he wants to be appreciated outside the Church, wants to paint what he wants, to be free
      • He is proud and fond of his art, he believe it is creating new life, 'making new hearts beat and bosoms swell'
        • 'To Pope or Kaiser, East, West, South or North', his art would go everywhere if he did what Raphael did, this has links to Bishops- a lasting legacy is important to both speakers, but Pictor Ignotus feels his legacy won't last/never had a legacy
      • He is selfish, arrogant, he talks of a giant fantasy of how he wants to be loved, 'Flowers cast upon the car'. He is lusting after something that happened to Cimabue, he made a huge Madonna painting, there was a parade for him, and buildings were named after him, 'old streets named afresh from the event'. Theme of failed aspirations
      • 'cold faces' he is scared, 'that begun to press on me and judge me?' critics, he is afraid of failure so hasn't tried all these years
        • Tries to act as though he is in control as dos the Bishop, 'Wherefore I chose my portion' did he? no. He wants more.
      • 'Babe' this is not a due reference expected from someone producing religious art
    • 'Over the canvas could my hand have flung'
      • 'flung' makes it sound uncontrolled, he believes he is as good as 'that youth ye praise so'. He couldn't have been the same as Raphael who was v. different from all at at the time, is this because of cowardice? Has he failed life?
    • 'And then not go to heaven, but linger here'
      • Escape death? Is a lasting legacy away to live on, links with Bishops. they're both concerned with Earthly things rather than Godly things
    • inks to Lost L, wasted talent, accussation of a sell-out, scared you won't produce someting good
    • Ends u still arrogant, but respect him more, not mad/bad, not an obvious villain like MLD, understand him a bit more, human sympathy


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