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  • piaget
    • sensorimotor birth to 2 years
      • infants think by interacting with the world using thier eyes,earas, hands, andmouth.
      • As a result, the infant invents a way solving problems such as pulling a lever to hear the sound of a music box.
      • Piaget believed that a baby would not have a way of remembering and thinking about the world untill they were 18 months old.
    • preoperational 2-7 years
      • children use symbols to represent their earlier discoveries.
      • development of language and make believe play takes place.
      • Piaget believed that children at this stage cannot properly understand how ideas like number, mass and volume work.
    • concrete operational 7-11 years
      • children's reasoning becomes logical providing the issues are concrete.
      • children may be able to understand simple logical principles.
    • Formal Operational 11-18 years
      • the capacity for abstract thinking allows adolescents to reason through symbols that do not refer to objects in the real world.
      • young people can also think of possible outcomes for a scientific problem.


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