Physiological methods of stress management

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  • Physiological methods of stress management
    • Bz's- These work by enhancing the action of the GABA, which attatches to receptors and opens chloride ion channels, which stops other neurotransmitters, and therefore has a quitening effect.
      • Kahne et al '86 tested the drug on 250 patients over 8 weeks, and it was more effective in reducing anxiety than a  placebo. Hidalgo et al also found this.
      • Withdrawl symtoms when individuals stop taking them have also been a problem, and shown a biological dependence on them.  Use of Bz's has therefore been limited to 4 weeks Ashton 1997.
      • Paradoxical  symptoms have also been produced.
    • Beta Blockers work by reducing the activity of adrenaline and nor-adrenaline which prepare the body for FOFR. To do this, they bind to sites associated with FOFR such as heart cells
      • Lockwood 1989 found that 27% of musicians in orchestras took BB's, therefore musicians and critics said they performed better/sounded better when they took them.
      • There are no real side effects, although some have linked them to developmental diabetes
      • They are very easy to use and require no motivation from the user.


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