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  • Physics:Work Done
    • work is done when a force is exerted on an object to make it move.
      • when a force moves an object, energy is transferred - work is done.
    • calculate work done by: Work done = Force x Distance          (WD= F x D)
      • work done units = joules (J)
    • Work done to over come friction is transferred as heat energy to objects that rub together and their surroundings.
      • eg. brakes on a car - heat up with work done against the friction of the brake pad causes heat energy.
      • meteorites burning up in the atmosphere because of the work done against the friction from air resistance.
      • rubbing hands together  - muscles do work against the friction from hands causes them to warm up.
    • practice question
      • A builder pushed a wheelbarrow a distance of 5metres across flat ground with a force of 5N.
        • how much work was done by the builder?
          • WD = F x D        50 X 5 = 250   WD = 250J


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