I made a spider diagram to help me in mechanics, i used Edecel AS physics students' handbook to help me make this.

It helps me to put all the basics of it into a brain storm. :) 

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    • MOTION
      • speed = distance/ time
      • velocity= displacement/ time taken
      • a = v-u/t
      • vectors
        • vectors can be represented by arrows. length of the arrow represents the magnitude,and the direction of the arrow represents the direction of the arrow.
        • vectors  can be drawn as triangles whenever more than one vector is applied.
      • scalar
        • only has either size or magnnitude
      • acceleration is defined as the rate of the change of velocity with time
    • FORCES
      • law of conservation of energy
        • energy cannot be created nor destroyued
      • work done = force x distance moved in direction of force
      • potential energy
        • NounThe energy possessed by a body by virtue of its position relative to others, stresses within itself, electric charge, and other factors.
      • efficiency
        • efficiency= useful energy got out (kinetic energy  /energy put in
      • power
        • power = energy transferred/ time taken
        • power = work done / time taken
        • efficiency= useful energy output/ energy input x 100%
          • efficiency
            • efficiency= useful energy got out (kinetic energy  /energy put in


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