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    • acceleration, speed and velocity
      • acceleration is speeding up, slowing down or changing direction
      • velocity is the speed and direction of a moving object
      • air resistance is the restrictive force acting on an object
      • thrust is the forward force of an engine
      • terminal velocity is the steady speed reached when the downwards force of gravity balances out the upwards force of air resistance
        • open a parachute slows down and creates a surface area and accelerates upwards until the balance is equal
      • deceleration is a negative acceleration
      • resultant force is the single force that has the same effect as two or more forces acting on it
      • in a velocity time graph you have to calculate the area below the line
    • stopping distance
      • thinking distance is effected by tired, influence of alcohol or drugs(suppresses the nervous system)
      • thinking distance+braking distance=stopping distance
      • braking distance is effected by weather, breaks, tyres
    • Hookes law and elastic potential
      • elastic potential is energy stored in an object due to the object being stretched or squashed
      • when you let go of the elastic object the energy is transferred back to its original shape
      • hookes law: the bigger the force you apply to an elastic object the bigger the extension (distance the object travels)
      • graph of Hookes law
        • up to the straight line the force and extension are directionnaly proportional
        • when the line starts to curve it's called the limit of proportionality
        • the elastic object is now deformed and cannot be changed back to it's original shape
    • weight
      • a force acting on an object due to the gravity of a planet
    • mass
      • how much matter an object is made up of
    • energy
      • work is energy transferred over a distance
      • power is the amount of energy transferred per second
      • gravitational potential energy is energy stored in a object due to the object being lifted up
      • on earth the gravitational field strength is 10N per kilogram
      • things that affect GPE: change in height, mass, gravitational field streghtn
      • kinetic energy is movement and is effected by mass and speed


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