Physics (P4, P5 & P6)

Mindmap for OCR 21st Century New for 2011 Physics exam (P4, P5 & P6)

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  • Physics
    • P4
      • Work Done
        • The thing doing the work needs an energy supply e.g. Fuel or food
        • Work Done (J) = Force (N) X Distance moved (m)
        • Always measured in Joules (J)
        • Energy Transfered
      • Resultant Forces
        • Decides the motion of the object
        • If there is a resultant force, the speed or direction (or both) will change
        • Overall force acting on an object
    • P5
      • Electric Current
        • Electric Current is a flow of charge around a  circuit
        • Current will only flow thorough a component if there's voltage across that component
      • Conductors & Insulators
        • A Conductor doesn't hold onto electrons, it alows them to flow/move easily
        • An insulator holds onto electrons, they cannot flow easily
      • Resistance
        • The steeper the graph the lower the resistance
    • P6
      • Radioactivity
        • The number of Neutrons in an atom isn't fixed
        • Radioactive elements emit ionising radiation
      • Radiation
        • Alpha = Ionising Helium Nucleus
        • Beta = Electrons
        • Gamma = Electromagnetic Wave
      • Half-Life
        • Time taken for the number of undecayed nuclei [activity] to decrease by half
      • Nuclear Fusion
        • Coverts mass into energy
        • E = mc(squared)


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