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    • Forces & Energy
      • resultant force: combined effect of multiple forces
      • To find speed use a distance time graph
      • To  find out acceleration and distance travelled use velocity time graph.
      • For energy to be transferred work must be done.
      • Momentum= mass x velocity
        • It is conserved when object collides if no external forces act on it
      • Moving objects have a terminal velocity  when drag forces match driving forces
    • Static electricty
      • To charge insulated materials you rub them.
        • They gain or lose electrons
        • Opposites attract
    • Electrical circuits
      • Electrical current:  flow of charge
      • Series circuit
        • Current same throughout
        • Potential difference shared between components
        • Add each component for resistance
      • Parallel circuits
        • current is shared between branch
        • Potential difference is is same at each branch
      • Energy transferred: P.D supplied x charge
    • Main electricity & Power of electrical appliances
      • 3 pin plug
        • Neutral wire: Blue
        • Earth wire: Green and yellow
        • Live wire: Brown
      • Energy transferred: P.D x charge
      • A.C : alternating current (Mains supply)
      • D.C: direct current (Batteries)
      • Power: P.D x current
        • Energy transferred/time
      • Earth wires, fuses and RCCBs protect user and appliance
    • Atomic structure & Radioactivity
      • Radioactive materials emit ionising radiation from nucleus
      • Half life: Time taken for count rate of sample to decrease by half
      • Alpha, Beta, Gamma radiation
      • Background radiation comes from natural sources (rocks) and man-made sources (medical uses)
      • Ions: atoms that have lost/ gained electrons
      • Isotopes have the same number of protons but different amount of neutrons
    • Nuclear fission /fusion
      • Nuclear fission is splitting up of a nucleus
      • Fusion is when 2 nuclei join together
      • Fission of uranium 235/ plutonium 239 during a chain reaction releases energy
      • Stars have a life cycle. Nuclear fusion  in stars releases energy and produces the naturally formed elements.
  • D.C: direct current (Batteries)


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