Heat Transfer Processes

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  • heat transfer processes
    • conduction
      • needs particles
      • metals are good conductors
        • delocalised electrons
      • non metals are good insulators
      • Reduce it with spaces between particles (insulation)
    • radiation
      • no particles needed
      • it is an electromagnetic wave
        • that is how we get heat from the sun
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      • Reduce it with a silvery colour
    • evaporation
      • needs particles
      • particles with most energy break the forces of attraction to become gases
      • put a lid on to reduce it
    • convection
      • needs particles
      • convection currents
        • hot fluids rise and cold sink
      • Reduce it by having big spaces between particles (insulation)
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    • heat always travels from hot towards cold
    • Specific heat capacity is how easy it is to heat different substances
      • E=m C theta


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