physics 1b

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  • physics 1b continued
    • wind and hydroelectric power
      • wind turbines
        • used to grind corns where the term wind turbine came from
          • 116 ft blades on top of a 212 ft tower which has a total of 328 ft
  • hydroelectric power
    • water flows down turns the generator and generates electricity.
      • the lower reservoir acts as a pump which pumps water up to the top reservoir where energy is stored
        • wave power
          • the waves move up and down which drives air past the generators to generate electricity/
  • tidal power
    • when the tide comes in it drives the turbines and produces a small amount of electricity which is carried away
      • the electromagnetic spectrum
        • radio waves- 10 to the power of 4
          • wavelength and use
          • used for communication.
  • microwaves 10 to the power of -2 m


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