Physics GCSE forces in motion (quick)

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  • forces in motion
    • vector quanity
      • magnitude and direction
    • scalar has no direction and vector has
      • 2 scalar: speed, distance, temp
    • contact force: when two objects have to touch, push or pull force
    • non contact: don't need to be touching for force to act (magnetic or gravitational force)
    • interaction pair
      • Untitle pair of forces that are equal and opposite and act on two interacting objects. (Newton's Third Lawd
    • gravitational force:
      • force of attraction between masses
        • gives everything a mass and attract to the ground
      • can vary by location (eg stronger when mass closer)
    • mass?
      • amount of stuff in an object
      • weight?
        • force acting on an object by gravitational field strength
          • work out weight: mass x gravitational field strength
        • measures in newtons
        • can measure with a newtonmeter
          • relationship between mass and weight: directional proportional
          • 1 joule in a  newton meter
      • measured in kg
      • centre of mass: force acting on a single point on object and whole mass concentrated
    • free body diagram
      • describes forces acting on object in what direction and how much force
      • arrows show relative magnitude and direction (how much force acting)
    • resultant force?
      • overall force acting on an object
      • find it by taking away if opposite direction and if all  same then add them
    • why and when work done?
      • moves an object, energy is transferred, even useful or wasted
      • equation: force x distance




Not completely full, but a lot you'll need to know for this subject! 

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