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  • physics equations
    • energy transferred(J)= charge (c) x potential difference (v)
    • power(W)= potential difference(v) x resistance(A)
      • or... (charge) x resistance (ohms)
    • wave speed (m/s)= frequency (hz) x wavelength (m)
    • density(kg/m ) = mass (kg) / volume (m )
    • distance travelled (m) = speed (m/s) x time (s)
    • acceleration (m/s ) = change in velocity (m/s) / time (s)
    • pressure (Pa) = force normal to a surface (N) / area of that surface (m )
    • charge flow (c) = current (A) x time (s)
    • potential difference (v) = current (A) x resistance (ohms)
    • change in thermal energy (J) = mass (kg) x specific heat capacity(J/kg  ) x change in temperature ( )
    • thermal energy for a change in state (J) = mass (kg) x specific latent heat (J/kg)
    • force on a conductor (at right angles to a magnetic field) carrying a current (N) = magnetic field strength (T) x current (A) x length (m)
    • potential difference across a primary coil (V) / potential difference across a secondary coil (v) = no. of turns in a primary coil / no. of turns in secondary coil


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