physics topic 1 - energy

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  • physics - energy stores and systems
    • types of energy stores
      • thermal
      • kinetic
      • gravitational potential
      • elastic potential
      • chemical
      • magnetic
      • electrostatic
      • nuclear
    • energy systems
      • a system just means a single object or a group of objects
      • when a system changes, energy is transferred
      • closed systems are systems where neither matter nor energy can enter or leave
      • the net change in the total energy of a closed system is always 0
    • energy transfer
      • energy can be transferred by heating
      • energy can be transferred by work done
      • work done is another way of saying energy transferred
      • work can be done when current flows or by a force moving an object
    • examples of work done
      • the initial force exerted by a person to throw a ball does work
        • it causes an energy transfer from the chemical energy store of the person's arm to the kinetic energy store of the ball from the arm
      • the friction between a car's brakes and its wheels does work as it slows down.
        • it causes an energy transfer from the wheel's kinetic energy stores to the thermal energy store of the surroundings


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