Physics- Energy Stores

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  • Physics (Energy)
    • Kinetic Energy
      • The energy of a moving object
      • The Energy in its kinetic energy store depends on the objects mass and speed.
      • K.E = 1/2MV
    • Gravitational Potential Energy
      • G.P.E is the energy stored in raised objects
      • The higher the object is lifted the more energy is transferred to this store
      • G.P.E= Mass x Gravitational Field Strength x Height
    • Fallen Objects
      • When something falls, energy from its G.P.E energy store is transferred to its Kinetic Energy Store.
      • When there's no air resistance;- Energy lost from G.P.E Store= Energy gained in the kinetic energy store
    • Elastic Potential Energy
      • The energy transferred when stretching or squashing an object,
      • So long as the limit of proportionality hasn't been exceeded - E.P.E= 1/2 x K x E
    • Thermal Energy
      • The heat given off.
    • Chemical Energy
      • Energy stored in food, fuels and batteries
    • Magnetic Energy
    • Electrostatic Energy
      • Energy in moving charges or static electric charges
    • Nuclear Energy
      • Energy stored in the Nuclei of Atoms


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