forces and their effect

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  • forces and their effects
    • measuring
      • measured in Newtons (N)
      • stronger the force greater value of Newtons
      • there is a linear relationship between the size of the force and the resulting stretch
    • balanced and unbalanced
      • when forces are balanced an object will continue at the same speed.
    • pivots and moments
      • pivot is used to turn things
      • moment is the turning effect of a force, unit is Nm
      • moment= force x distance from the pivot
    • work and energy change
      • work is only done if the object changes speed or shape
      • work is measure in Newton metres (Nm(, or Joules (J)
      • not movement of and object would be no work
      • work is done if a force has acted on an object and there has been a change in that object
    • forces and motion
      • an object will move in the direction force has been applied
      • to change an objects speed a force has to be applied
        • for an object to speed up more force has to be applied in the direction of movement
        • for an object to slow down the force has to be in the opposite direction to the direction of movement
    • speed, distance and time
      • speed= distance/time


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