Health and social physical abuse

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  • Physical abuse
    • what it includes:
      • slapping
      • punching
      • scalding  / burning
      • hair pulling
      • kicking
      • shacking
      • suffocating
    • Physical effects
      • Bruising
      • stuttering
      • Burns / scaulds
        • May force the person to cover up more, for example, wear long sleeved tops when it is warm outside
          • Bruising
    • Emotional effects
      • Frightened / anxious
        • This emotion could result in the person flinching or becoming more jumpy due to them expecting another outburst from the abuser.
      • Depressed / sad
        • These two emotions can  be triggered by the constant abuse, worthless due to them believing that they deserve the abuse and guilt for letting it happen when the know it wrong
          • feeling worthless / self esteem
      • feeling worthless / self esteem
      • Guilty or worried it their fault


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