Physcology of PE

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  • Physcology of PE
    • Characteristics of skill
      • Learned - it requires practice, develpos through expirence
      • Goal directed/has a result - has pre determined objective
      • consistent
      • efficient
      • fluent
      • recognisable
      • aesthetic
      • Cognitive
        • Thought processes
      • Motor
        • Movement
      • perceptual motor
        • combination of motor and perceptual
      • Perceptual
        • Detection of stimuli
      • Gross/Fine
        • Large muscle groups, large muscle movements, accuracy and precision not nessasary
        • Fine, small muscular movements, small groups, need accuracy
    • Open/Closed Contimuum
      • Open - environment unstable, not predictable, need to adjust, desicion making, need to be made quickly
      • Closed - environment stable and consistent, it's predictable, skills can be repeated constantly, pre learnt, self paced, pre planned decisons
    • self and externaly paced movements
      • self, performer controls movement, controls speed and its usually on closed skills
      • externally, initiates start of movement based on other people's actions or changing environment
      • externally, changes speed of movement in relation to other people's actions or changing events in environment
      • externally, usually open skills
    • discrete, serial, continous
      • discrete, clear beginning and end, shot time, must be started again to repeat
      • serial, linked series of discrete skills, set order for each subroutine
      • continous, no clear begining or end, expanded time, the end of one movement is the start of next


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