Phsopholipid Bilayer Structure

Just a brief revision tool for the structural components of the plasma membrane. 

Also includes why plasma membrane is descibed with the "fluid-mosaic model"

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  • Phsopholipid bilayer Structure
    • Glycolipid
      • Lipid with carbohydrate attached
      • Functions
        • Provide energy
        • Markers for cellular recognition
    • Glycoprotein
      • Proteins with carbohydrate  attached
      • Functions
        • Help stabilise membrane by forming H-H bonds with water around cell
        • Receptors
    • Proteins
      • Intrinsic
        • Protein embedded all the way through
      • Extrinsic
        • Protein sticking out
    • Cholestrol
      • Fits between  phospholipid molecules (fatty acid chains)
        • Increases rigidity and stability
        • Prevents the membrane from solidifying when temp in the body gets too low
    • Fluid Mosaic Structure
      • Lipids and proteins can move laterally (sideways) in membrane
      • Some  proteins embedded (intrinsic) and other stick out (extrinsic), giving "mosaic" appearance.




By the way, if anyone spots any mistakes or can suggest better biological explanations for anything I have said, please let me know =D

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