Brief key terms associated with each reaction and limiting factors

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  • Photosynthesis
    • LIR
      • RuBP
      • CO2
      • 2X G3P
      • 2X TP
      • RuBISCO Enzyme
      • 1/6 to Glucose
        • lipids
        • amino acids
        • carbohydrates
      • 5/6 RuBP regeneration, ATP to ADP+Pi
      • Reduction needs energy from ATP, and electron and proton from reduced NADP
    • LDR
      • Photolysis
        • Water: O2, H+ and e-
          • replaces e- lost by chloroplast, proton used to reduce NADP
      • Photoexcitation
        • electrons to higher energy orbital
      • Photophosphorylation and Electron Transport Chain
        • High energy e- down ETC- redox reactions. Energy released at each level used to produce ATP from ADP+Pi
      • Light energy absorbed by chlorophyll
      • Reduced NADP and ATP
      • Requires ADP+Pi
      • Thylakoid membranes
    • Limiting Factors
      • Carbon dioxide
        • Low conc, limits LIR by reducing rate of initial reaction with RuBISCO
      • Light intensity
        • Low, limits LDR by reducing no. of e- in chlorophyll that become photoexcited
      • Temperature
        • low, limits rate of enzyme activity.
      • Compensation point: p/s and R occur at rates such there is no net gas exchange


Kamran Ali


overall very good but a few key points missing like non cyclic phosphorylation and where the reactions take place

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