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  • photosynthesis
    • structure of a plant
      • mesophyll tissue
        • most of photosynthesis occurs
      • xylem
        • transports water through a plant in the process transpiration
          • consists of dead cells thick, strengthened cellulose cell wall with a hollow lumen
        • phloem
          • transports sucrose and foods through a plant in translocation from stems to growing and storage tissues
            • consists of living cells
      • epidermal tissue
        • covers the whole of the plant
    • photosynthesis eqution
      • 6CO2 + 6H20-> C6H1206 + 602 + ENERGY
        • By Amanda Cygal
    • Limiting factors: carbon dioxide, temperature and light.
      • carbon dioxide:if its warm enough and light enough the limiting factor will be CO2
        • carbon dioxide is a RAW MATERIAL needed for photosynthesis
        • CO2 will only increase the rate of photosynthesis to a certain point just like light
        • you can control CO2 by adding hydrongencarbonate to water as it gives off CO2 if it is being used in an experiment make sure you change it each time
      • light: provides energy for photosynthesis
        • increasing light will steadily increase the rate of photosynthesis to a certain point
      • temperature: if the temperature is the limiting factor it is usually due to it being too low as enzymes work slower at colder temperatures
        • however if its too hot the enzymes needed for photosynthesis will be denatured due the shape being broke.
    • greenhouses: traps heat from the sun to make sure temperature doesn't become limited
      • in summer farmers may use shades and ventilation so it doesn't get too hot
        • in winter heaters may be used keep and ideal temp
      • when the sun goes down artificial light will be supplied as light is always needed
        • carbon dioxide is also used through paraffin heaters which give off CO2 as a byproduct
        • enclosing plants in a greenhouse defends them from pests and diseases
      • fertilisers can also be added to soil to provide all minerals for healthy growth
      • all this costs money but if the farmer gets the right conditions his crops will grow healthier and faster so they can be sold in order to make profit
  • covers the whole of the plant


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