B2 Photosynthesis mind map

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  • Photosynthesis
    • The leaf and photosynthesis
      • Carbon dioxide +water --> glucose + oxygen
        • 6CO2 + 6H2O --> C6H1206+ 6O2
      • Xylem: transports water and nutrients around the plant.
      • Phloem: transports sap around the plant
      • Stomata: allows gases to diffuse in or out of the plant
    • Rates of photosynthesis
      • Light intensity
        • Rate increases with light until light becomes the limiting factor.
      • Level of CO2
        • Rate increases with CO2 until CO2 becomes the limiting factor.
      • Temperature
        • Rate increases with temperature, then the rate begins to decease as the temp becomes too high.
    • Controlling photosynthesis
      • Photosynthesis can be controlled be by controllin g the limiting factors.
        • This idea can be used commercially to increase crop growth.
        • Light intensity, levels of CO2 and temperature
    • Sampling techniques
      • Quadrats


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