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  • Photosynthesis
    • Light dependent stage
      • Light hits chlorophyll
        • Electrons excited and raised to higher energy level
          • Pass down electron transport chain losing energy
            • This energy used to make ATP from ADP and Pi
              • H2O splits into H+, e- and O. e- replace those lost in chlorophyll, O useful waste product
                • Process occurs again but electron from chain and H+ from photolysis reduces NAD
      • Thylakoid
    • Light independent stage
      • RuBP combines with CO2 to form 2 X GP
        • GP reduced to TP this requires reducing power of ATP and NADH2
          • Some TP used to make carbohydrates, amino acids, Triglycerides
            • Some TP regenerated to RuBP which requires reduction of ATP
      • Stroma
    • Chloroplast adaptations
      • Large surface area for attachment of chlorophyll and enzymes
      • Stroma has enzymes for light Independent reaction
      • Chloroplasts have DNA and ribosomes to make proteins
    • Limiting factors
      • CO2
        • Increase by burning fossil fuels or pumping in CO2, Paraffin heaters
      • Light intensity
        • Increase by using light or decrease  by using blinds to shade plants
      • Temperature
        • Heaters or paraffin heaters increase temperature


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