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  • Photosynthesis
    • Using light energy to synthesize molecules
    • Leaf Features
      • Large SA= max. diffusion of CO2 and light
      • Cuticle= Prevents H20 loss. Not on bottom as stomata present
      • Stomata= Intake of CO2 and other gases
      • Xylem= Transport of H20 and mineral salts from roots
      • Phloem= Transport of products of photosynthesis away from leaf
        • Sugars transported as sucrose
    • Palisade cells are main tissue for photosynthesis
      • Large air spaces in spongy mesophyll layer to alow fast diffusion of CO2/02 into palisade cells
    • Chloroplasts
      • Thylakoids= Light dependent reaction
      • Stroma= light independent reaction
      • Mg ion in centre of chlorpohyll
        • Lack of Mg+ ions in soil reduces chlorophyll synthesis making plants yellow
    • Spectra
      • Action spectrum= amount of photosynthesis taking place at each wavelength
      • Absorption spectrum= proportion of light at each wavelength absorbed by the plant


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