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  • photosynthesis
    • leaf adaptations
      • broad leaves-big SA for light to fall on
        • thin-short diffusion distances
          • veins-brings water to xylem cells
            • air spaces-allow co2 to enter cells+oxygen to diffuse out
      • guard cells-open and close stomata- regulate gas extange
    • endothermic
      • needs input of energy from environment
    • occurs in chloroplasts- contain chlorophyll
    • energy is transferred from environment to chloroplasts by light
      • bubbling pondweed
        • add sodium bicarbonate= source of co2
      • stand tube of pondweed into beaker of water to control heat
    • algae
      • aquatic-adapted for photosynt- hesising in water
        • large SA
          • absorbs co2 dissolved in water
    • metabolic reaction
  • can test leaves for starch: iodine-brown>blue black
    • some used immediately(for respiration)- lots converted into insoluble starch and stored


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