Photochemical smog in Los Angeles

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  • Photochemical smog in Los Angeles
    • causes
      • Los Angeles was the second most polluted city in the US 2008
      • the photochemical smog resulted from nitrous oxide reacting with hydrocarbons in the intense sunlight
      • there are 11 million vehicles in Los Angeles
      • it has a sunny and dry climate, only 35 days a year are wet
      • temperature inversions trap the fumes
      • basin effect of the relief causes pollution to fill it
      • ports Eg Long Beach give off a lot of disel fumes
      • a lack of public transport
      • roads allign with prevailing winds
    • impacts
      • 1600 premature deaths each byear due to respiratory disorders
      • children have 10-15% reduction in lung capacity
      • absenteeism from work
      • crops wilten in fiels due to lack of sunlight, lowering yield
      • people suffered from depression
      • forced hollywood film makers to make films elsewhere
    • solutions
      • in 2001 there were no days regarded abd dangerous to health due to legislations and regulations
      • clean air act in 1963 reduced smoke pollution
      • 2004 outdoor ban on burning
      • 1966 exhaust controls on cars
      • California Air Resources Board CARB was set up in 1967 and set air quality standards in 1969
      • CARB aims to reduce pertrol use by 20% in next 10 years
      • regular smog checks carried out and fines for vehicles not meeting standards


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