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    • Sound patterns and their effects in texts
    • Sound systems
    • Actual sounds in speech and how they're made
    • Accent & dialect
    • Phoneme
      • Smallest unit of sound
      • Written in square brackets
      • 'Cat' is one phoneme [cat]
      • 'Lollipop' is 3 phonemes [lol] [li] [pop]
    • Syllables
      • Phonemes combine to make syllables
    • Grapheme
      • Smallest unit of writing
      • 'A' 'a' - different sounds
    • Eye dialect
      • Writing phonetically to try and stimulate an accent
    • Assonance
      • Repetition of vowel sounds
    • Alliteration
      • Repetition of first consonant sound
    • Ononmatopoeia
      • Sound directly represents word
    • Rhythm
      • Regular patterning of light and heavy beats
    • Rhyme
      • Repetition of a group of sounds of phonemes
    • Dissonance
      • Repetition of vowels that clash


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