Language Change: Phonology

Revision mindmap on the phonology of language change.

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  • Phonology
    • Labov (1963)
      • Martha's Vineyard.
      • Pronunciation of vowels changed.
      • Fishermen changed to be recognised accent among tourists.
      • Unconscious attempt to distance themselves from the tourists.
    • Aitchison (1991)
      • We imitate the language of people we respect or admire.
      • Social factors play an important role in the phonological change of language.
    • The Great Vowel Shift.
      • Long vowel sounds shortened to short vowel sounds.
    • Different words have different pronunciations.
      • American language has become increasingly popular.
      • Received pronunciation is not as important as in the past.
      • The Queen's marked RP has become less evident over the years.
    • Kerswill & Williams (1994)
      • Milton Keynes.
      • Childrens speech differed from older generations.
      • Estuary English.
        • Glottle stops.
        • Shwas.
    • Uptalk.
      • People use a rising intonation at the end of their utterances when not asking a question.
      • Influence of Australian television shows.


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