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  • Phoenix
    • Water
      • Average water use per person has dropped 20%
      • A Colorado River Resiliency Fund was established in 2014 with an average of about $5.5 million a year
      • 17,000 mile area depends on 300 miles uphill
    • Food
      • Phoenix Food Day- provides education on sustainable food use
    • Waste
      •  Over one million tons of solid waste is taken to the city’s SR85 Landfill each year
      • One ton of garbage per resident per year or 28 full garbage curbside containers per year.
      • Improvement Schemes
        • City wide effort to recycle plastic bags
        • Curb side collections
        • Discounts to big corporations that recycle their waste
    • Transport
      • Shared bike company of over 500 bikes
      • Complete streets programme
      • 52 percent of the city's general fleet operates on alternative fuel
      • 24 electric vehicle charging stations located city-wide
      • Taxis use E-85 fuel
    • Energy
      • 15.7 meggawatts of renewable energy on 28 facilities (2007)
      • Solar Programmes throughout the city


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