Phillip II The Condition of Sapin 1598

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  • Phillip II The condition of Spain 1598
    • Protecting + Maintaining Spanish Empire
      • Brought about the Union of all the Kingdoms when Portugal was inherited 1581
      • Acquired vast lands: Brazil, most of Africa, India, China, Japan and Indonesia
      • In practice Portugal attempted to retain exclusive trading rights in those areas (not much effort to rule it)
      • Spanish Empire extended in NW
      • Lost Netherlands by end of reign
    • Preserving+ Defending Catholicisim
      • Kept Protestantism out of Empire apart from North of Netherlands
      • Morisco revolt firmly defeated- policies didn't stop the rel. and political threat they posed
      • Malta + Lepanto significant victories against Islam
      • In final years truces made w/ Turks
      • Raids along Spanish coast and the Med. continued by Barbary  Pirates
      • Chruch reforms LIMITED in his reign
      • Started and improved by Successors
    • Ensuring good+ just Gov.
      • Issues with on Castilianisation of Government
      • Phillip unsuccessful in governing finance
      • Wars against England + France cost considerable sums of money w/ little result thus exhausteding Castile
      • Signs of depression in agricultural industry
      • Left 82 million ducats debt


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