Phillip Government and administration

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  • Phillip Government 1556-98
    • The Paper King
      • Only stayed in one place
      • Did paper work+ administrative tasks himself
      • Only person with knowledge of gov. affairs
      • Long delays in communication
      • Different Ministers told different things, so no one knew what was happening
      • Special depository set up for gov. papers to be called on easily
    • Council of State
      • Main council, used as a forum of advice from nobles
      • Before 1559 members from different countries, afterwards membership altered
      • Castilian nobles replaced non-Castilian's mainly from 2 rival families
        • One supported Prince of Eboli + the other suppotred Duke of Alba
      • 1559-65 new councils created in Italy (Naples, Sicily, Milan)
    • Junta of the night
      • 1585 used when king was ill (not permanent)
      • Inner group consisting of King + closest advisers
      • Secretaries acted as links between king and advisers
    • Ensuring just Gov.
      • Unsuccessful in governing finance
      • Complaints about  "Castilianisation" of  gov.
      • Wars against England and France cost a lot w/ little result
      • Signs of depression in  agriculture
      • People weren't content w/ rule


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