Philip II Foreign Policy successes

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  • Philip II foreign policy
    • Ottomans
      • 1563- decisive victory against Turks
      • Battle of Lepanto 1571 BIGGEST victory and Naval battle
        • Blocked Ottoman path to expand into the Western Med.
      • Peace made in 1578
    • France
      • Treaty of Cateau-Cambresis 1559
      • Anxious about Protestants in France
      • Treaty of Joinville 1584- Joined French Catholic League against Henry of Navarre
      • War w/ France as Philip doesn't remove troops from France after H of Navarre converts to Cath.
      • Edict of Nantes-  equal worship for Prot. and Caths in France
      • Treaty of Vervins 1598-peace between France and Spain
    • Portugal
      • 1581- Becomes King of Portugal
      • Better access to attacks on England
      • Removed potential for Portuguese invasion
      • Helped improve Convoy System as Azores provided a good point for NW  shipping
      • Buenos Aires 1580- secured more South American territories
    • England
      • Attempts to fulfil Catholic Orthodoxy
    • New World
      • Improved Admin- such as Council of Indies, able viceroys (such as Toledo)
      • Improved mines, laws, money. Progress in Ship Building
      • 1580s- Increased customs duties payments and sales


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